About us

We are surrounded by American Heroes—they inspire us and we are humbled by their efforts and ongoing commitments.  When the 2020 Pandemic emerged, as a member of the healthcare community—newly retired—I felt sidelined.

The idea of developing a public health themed product to recognize the incredible efforts of Dr. Anthony S. Fauci came to me and I couldn’t let it go!  Dr. Fauci’s legacy goes back to 1984 and the HIV epidemic—his unwavering leadership and wisdom have been a resource and a reassurance, we look to his clear, calm communication and the clarity he consistently offers.  I know he has many, many thankful Americans listening to his voice.  Fortunately (and gratefully) for me, other friends and family shared and supported my vision and here we are!

We are offering three products, each emphasizing the message: Science First/Public Health Matters.  The artwork was designed by the gifted graphic designer, Hans Gschliesser, who volunteered his time and talent.  I went to Rich Corcoran for help on the finance/IT side and when he understood the vision and intent of this project he was “all in” again with no fee.  Same thing with my good friend Eileen Freitag who offered more solid marketing and branding perspectives and “can do” quips than I can count!  As we moved into the launch phase, the amazing Joy Savulak "asked to help" with publicity and Dr. Jeanette Trauth, Associate Professor Emerita at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health jumped in to help connect us with the public health academic community. And Gretchen Bierenbaum volunteered as our social media consultant to help us get the word out and about!

My husband Lou Massari has been both helpful and good natured with this latest pie-in-the-sky idea as have my “Millennial Focus Group”:  Gina and TK!   Numerous other friends and family have engaged and encouraged the adventure: you know who you are!

This is a philanthropic effort – All Net Profits from the sale of these products and donations received will be donated to The Foundation for the National Institute of Health (FNIH) in honor of Dr. Fauci.  Your support by purchasing something and sharing American Hero Novelty with your social network can send a collective message of THANK YOU and WE’RE WITH YOU 

     Warmly (from a social distance),

                                                                    Joanne Walsh